Nick Vossbrink

about Foster City

Foster City

I worked in Foster City from 2008 through 2013. During that time, I took photos in the mornings when I arrived at work, in the evenings when I left, and spent many a lunch-hour wandering the area. It’s been a nice location to get to know and one which I’ve found inspiring for my photography.

None of these six groups are planned projects. I’ve just been exploring the area, taking photos, and winnowing through the results.

Vintage Park

The industrial area I worked is known locally as Vintage Park. It didn’t do too well with the great recession. Many of the buildings were vacant and most of the parking lots were empty.

San Francisco Bay

My office looked out over the bay and many of my lunch-hour walks were along the shoreline. Each walk, the mood of the water would be different.


I spent a significant portion of my walks birdwatching…and if I remembered, on bird photography. Despite being an industrial park, there’s a significant amount of wildlife and it’s been fun to familiarize myself with their habitats and behaviors.

SF Bay Trail

Back to the shoreline. The San Francisco Bay Trail runs along the Peninsula side of the bay (for now) and has offered me all kinds of lunch time walks. I can head south to the San Mateo Bridge or north toward Coyote Point.


Signs, plant life, or any other small details which caught my eye when I'm wandering around outside with a camera.


While getting to, or getting away from, work is typically an activity which I’m tempted to do as quickly as possible, it was always worth it to keep my head up and look around. My commute was almost always during the good light. The least I could do was try to use some of it as a sanity check when arriving at or departing from work.